Friday, January 31, 2014

Weigh In Month End - January

I did it!  I surpassed the DietBet 4% goal for two bets I participated in and have now lost 10.3 pounds!  I don't know yet how many winners there are nor how much I have won.

Not sure I like having to check in with them, but then again, I was definitely aware that not sticking to my points plan would mean I could lose $50.  I didn't like them posting to my Twitter feed, so I'd turn that off next time I think.  Their auto posts were a little too "markety" and condescending on my behalf (i.e. not sure I can do it - come cheer me on type statements).  A little too close for comfort, considering I only lost 1.2 pounds more than required.  I might do another.  I'm not sure.  I think I will try a month on my own right now.

Have you ever used DietBet?  Did you win or lose or both (win at losing)?

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