Friday, May 25, 2012

Legitimate Reasons or Only Excuses?

All Fat people simply eat too much, right?  This is an important question because I find myself becoming extremely annoyed when I hear people make the assumption that Fat people are Fat simply because they eat too much.  I get the feeling they picture us crouched in a corner stuffing our mouths and with chocolate drool dripping from our chins.

If you, as a reader, believe this to be the only reason a Fat person is fat, then you should leave this blog immediately.  If, however, you are smarter than that, please read on.  If you are Fit as a Fiddle and find it difficult to maintain an acquaintance or relationship with a Fat person, then maybe you should visit often as I discuss how "normal" Fat people really are and as the varying reasons one finds themselves Fat are discussed in general.

I know why I'm Fat.  The question is whether or not you either know why I am or why you are--truly and honestly.

Let me list the reasons I find myself Fat:

I'll break these reasons down in future posts for discussion, but for now, why are you Fat?  Why do you think Fat people are, well, Fat?

Now Relearning

I've just logged on to start blogging after what I thought was learning sufficiently a few months ago to go for it, but now I see everything has changed.  I'm just going to go for it, so I apologize if being a novice or amateur is painfully obvious!