Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thank You Weight Watchers!

Weight Watchers sent me a gift that was awaiting my return from vacation back in April.  Thanks so much Weight Watchers! I love my gifts!

Weight Watchers sent me the following gift....some spicy heart-shaped pasta made spicy via pepperoncini, a huge bowl, the Weight Watchers serving size measuring spoon set, a garlic press, and four good-sized canisters of herbs.

As you may notice, there is a chip in the bowl.  It must've been handled roughly in transit because the crack linked to it there on the rim goes straight down to the center of the bowl. Bummer, right? 

It took me a bit to get around to using it, seeing how vacation and ensuing schedule thereafter derailed my diet, but on the 4th of July I used the pasta to make this garden pasta salad by Paula Deen.  I never Figured out the points, but they have to be pretty low.

I haven't gotten to the herbs yet, as I'm using what I have first, but I have used the serving spoons, which I happen to feel were nice enough to use during the elaborate shower I had last weekend.

I used the garlic press last night to process 6 cloves of garlic that I was in no mood to mince myself for my First attempt at cooking kale straight from my garden.

Thank you, again, Weight Watchers!

Official Restart Day!

Turns out I gained some weight back....about 9 pounds. Here we go.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I've been MIA for a few months now!

Hello....Hello.....Hello....Hello (echo)

The last time I posted was just before my vacation at spring break.  I've been on the run since then.  I'm posting today because all 3 of my kids went to stay with my sister and I'm all ALONE.  I'm never all ALONE.  The only appointment today and must for a To Do list is a chiropractic appointment this afternoon.

I started a new business, probably the worst lifestyle change for a Fat person.....a cookie baking business. Are you laughing?

It started off with a bang, and I've been busy baking to build a photo portfolio because they are decorated cookies, and usually intricately so.  I had to learn the rules of the Cottage Food laws in my state, how to build a website, insurance requirements, and other things like how to design a business card, etc., etc., etc.  Yes, I do have to sample each batch personally.  A good cook always tastes I was told when I licked my finger and found a Funk in my cookie icing that originated in a brand new bag of confectioners sugar.

If you have been reading along, you know that when I set my mind to something work-related, I go all out and give it everything I have.  This is no exception.  Perhaps I have a fear of criticism because I go out of my way trying to ensure there won't be any.

I haven't stepped on a scale since and plan to do so this Friday to see how it all went in my time off.  Friday is my official restart day. I did go back to drinking my pop--too much pop, meal skipping, and staying up to all hours of the night to finish those cookies--sometimes 4 a.m.

I'm also the matron of honor in a wedding, and I had a harebrained idea that wound up costing me a Fortune for the bridal shower.  All is not lost (I hope), as I plan to rent out the entire setup I acquired. Yup, it was THAT involved and required a lot of hunting for pieces on my part every other day at all the second-hand/thrift shops I could find for months.  I Figured I can't be alone in wanting to throw one of the cutest showers I've personally ever seen.  This shower was for my sister who has spent her entire life Feeling like an outcast due to her weight.  I really wanted to make her Feel special.  I won't bore you with the details, unless of course you think it's an excuse. ;)

My three kids' schedules were outrageous since school has let out.  I've never done more running around in all my years as a parent.  Some weeks literally required me to hop in the car for runs to commitments at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 12 p.m., 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m., 5 p.m. Forget about trying to meal plan, let alone cook.  Half the time I Forgot to pull out something from the Freezer in time to defrost it for dinner.

We also refinished half the house just in the knick of time to welcome people into my home for the shower.  I pulled an all nighter prepping for the shower because the kitchen and cupboards were being refinished right up until that day before. 

Anyway, while reflecting on my latest diet attempt, I Found that I did Feel more accountable and more pressure to be successful blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking my daily thoughts, issues, challenges, tips, and recipes, but it did add a level of responsibility that I don't Feel I need to compound the demands on my time I already struggle with, so I have decided that I will not be a daily, or possibly even weekly blogger.

I have learned that establishing relationships in the online dieting world is a bit difficult, as it appears that many of the bloggers/social media Fitness or diet Folks are building a business or having a popularity contest.  I'm not in it for popularity or for business.  I'm in it to connect with people just like myself, with those on a similar path, with those Facing similar challenges.  For example, I can't believe that ANY dieter or Fitness-challenged person wouldn't automatically Follow a Fellow dieter or Fitness-challenged person back out of mere moral support, but they don't.  I don't know if that's due to not wanting to share Followers or Fans or because I'm not involved in link parties, blogger forums, etc., but I think it has a lot to do with it. You can't get to "know" somebody online unless you do. ;)

If you're out there, then hit me up because I'd love it. Basically, I'm putting me First now, which was what I claimed to have been doing before.  Blogging takes time, and for novice me, probably too much time. 

I will still share recipes when I have time and try to blog about an issue or solution I Face in my quest, but success is most important to me right now, so that's where I'm going with it.

I will bop on one more time probably today or tomorrow to share a neat gift that Weight Watchers had sent me because I feel badly that I haven't done so earlier, and I do realize that that is precisely one of the reasons it was sent to me. 

Thanks for listening. I see you (to my new and only blog Follower).  Thanks for Following. How are you doing on your lifestyle change quest?

Update:  Now I'm convinced more than ever that my Freakin' Flabuless online identity/handle will be ignored by those striving for popularity, as I sent a request to join a private facebook group via both my personal account, the funny name account I used to create a Facebook page, and the Freakin' Flabuless Facebook page.  Both of the first two were accepted and the Facebook page with this blog handle on it was not.  Not only was it not, it appears it may have been banned because there is no way to send another request.  How crappy and sad.