Friday, May 25, 2012

Legitimate Reasons or Only Excuses?

All Fat people simply eat too much, right?  This is an important question because I find myself becoming extremely annoyed when I hear people make the assumption that Fat people are Fat simply because they eat too much.  I get the feeling they picture us crouched in a corner stuffing our mouths and with chocolate drool dripping from our chins.

If you, as a reader, believe this to be the only reason a Fat person is fat, then you should leave this blog immediately.  If, however, you are smarter than that, please read on.  If you are Fit as a Fiddle and find it difficult to maintain an acquaintance or relationship with a Fat person, then maybe you should visit often as I discuss how "normal" Fat people really are and as the varying reasons one finds themselves Fat are discussed in general.

I know why I'm Fat.  The question is whether or not you either know why I am or why you are--truly and honestly.

Let me list the reasons I find myself Fat:

I'll break these reasons down in future posts for discussion, but for now, why are you Fat?  Why do you think Fat people are, well, Fat?

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