Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Paula Dean Recipe w/Weight Watcher Points! Pig on a Stick @1 Point Per Ounce

Pig on a stick doesn't sound remotely appetizing, but this Flavorful pork tenderloin (which I use whenever possible because it's very lean and 1 point per ounce) is a hit with my Family.  I found this recipe when trying to grow my pork tenderloin cooking recipe section by Paula Dean at

It has a dipping sauce made out of orange marmalade, butter, jalapeno pepper, and lime juice.  The marmalade by itself, straight out of the jar, unadulterated, is 1 point per tablespoon and the whole tablespoon of butter is only 3 points.  Spreading out 1 tablespoon of butter amongst 18 oz. of marmalade probably makes the butter in a single-tablespoon serving of the dipping sauce scant, so I don't count it.  I make sure to not go to the end of my points range on days where I have something that *may* add a fraction of a point. The rest of the ingredients added to the dipping sauce are Free/zero points.  I usually don't use up a full 2-tablespoon serving of the dipping sauce with 4 ounces of the Flavorful meat.  So, voila! Four points for 4 ounces of meat and 2 points for 2 tablespoons of the dipping sauce, and together at 6 points.

I made this tonight with some brown-buttered gourmet potatoes and a yellow summer squash casserole.

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