Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fierce Friday - 1/11/14

I believe you need to Find your Fierceness, as do I, so I suggest we take just a moment out of doing for others and do something nice for ourselves at least each Friday. 

Tonight I chose to give myself a home Foot treatment.  This works great on ridding the calluses on my Feet. 

Once a week (make it Friday if you like), soak your Feet in a hot-as-you-can-stand-it water bath for at least 20 minutes. I use a dish pan and sit on the couch while I soak.  (Important to remember the towel before you stick your tootsies in the bath.)  It can be plain water or you can add a Fancy-schmancy additive made for Feet.  I find plain water works just as well at softening the calluses. If you can afford a weekly professional treatment, go for it!

Work on one Foot while leaving the other in the water to keep it soft until you are ready for it.  Dry off your foot the best you can and have a go at it with any number of devices out there for debriding the dead skin off the callus. The one I have in the picture is from Bath & Body Works, but I have others I switch between.  All work well.  You may have to put some muscle into it for awhile until the dead cells stop shedding/rolling off your foot.  You will find the debridement less effective the more dry your foot becomes, which is why you need to leave that other Foot in the bath.

When done with the First Foot, you can now repeat on the other.

When done with the last Foot, wipe Clearasil, Stridex, or a similar pad containing salisylic acid across the callused areas.  The pads should have an exfoliating-type surface too.  The salicylic acid helps shed further dead cells.  Follow it up with an application of your favorite moisturizing lotion.  The Nutrix Royal Body by Lancome is my all time favorite EVER! You should moisturize your feet every single night to maintain the new look you will achieve after a few weeks of self treatment.

If you haven't tried this lotion for moisturizing your body in general, you should.   A little bit goes a long way and the tube shown lasts me at least 10 months, even with using it on my feet each and every single night.  Ask for it as a gift if you can't get yourself to buy it at approximately $30/tube.

My skin is very sensitive to moisturizers, yet dry, and I break out easily, but this one is like Heaven to me.  You know that skin you had in your 20s, especially on your legs, that was swapped out involuntarily for that pale, dry skin that is now speckled with hair follicle pores? Yeah--it makes my legs look like it did in my 20s everywhere, including my once-speckled legs. I buy it for gifts and find the recipients adore it and want it as the next Christmas, birthday, or mother's day gift.

(Sorry, this post didn't make it to the blog on Friday.  I went in search of a picture of legs with enlarged follicles to post, but got sidetracked, amazed, and completely creeped out viewing all the skin conditions out there -- especially the follicle mites! Don't do it. Don't look at them or read about them. I'm still itching.)

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