Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Planning Ahead and Freezing is Key for Me

I bought a 3-pound package of ground turkey the other day.  I usually divide it up into 1-pound portions and Freeze using my FoodSaver system.  However, I decided to take it another step Further today.

I hate wasting Food, even the herbs I buy. When I Found myself with the turkey out on the counter ready to divide and use a pound to make my Favorite turkey burgers for 6 Weight Watcher Winning Points along with a bunch of cilantro, as it calls for 2 tablespoons, it hit me---combine all the ingredients First and Form into burger patties prior to Freezing them! Der. 

There is another Frequently used Food item that requires the cilantro and the chipotle pepper as well for which you should wear gloves to mince -- the dressing for my Mexican Chicken Salad Platter.  I made two batches of the burger patties and the dressing all at once even though I don't currently have a plan for the salad because it keeps in the Fridge wonderfully.

Out of 2 pounds of ground turkey, I made 10 four-ounce turkey burgers.   I suppose I will use one-pound worth for myself and yank out the other 5 for a Family dinner because, yes, the whole Family eats these burgers.  (The math doesn't add up here because of the weight of the other ingredients added to the ground turkey.)

Here is a photo of the individually Frozen turkey burger patties, which I then promptly packaged up individually and sealed. (I probably would have packed 5 together for a Family night separated by wax paper, but I'm out of the larger bags currently.)

I love, love, love when I Find a way to simplify!

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