Sunday, January 26, 2014

Family-Friendly Pizza Night on a Diet for Just 4 Points Per Slice

Back when I was on the NutriSystem plan, they would provide a couple of pizza options, of which I chose the Italian Herb Flatbread pizza.  Their pizza came out to 6 points per slice BEFORE jazzing it up like I show here, and the same way I jazzed up some store-bought premade pizza dough tonight!

The ready-made pizza dough I bought from the store indicates that a 1/6 slice of pizza dough is only 2 points (prior to additions).  Wow, right!?  So I went for it.

All Five of us were NOT home for this single pizza.  It was only me, my youngest, and one of his friends.  Otherwise, I would have made at least two pizzas. 

I spread it out in a 10 x 15" baking sheet.  I then divided the dough into thirds visibly and with a little cut to the edge of the dough (since I was working with 1/6 of a pizza for 2 points) and discovered that if I divided my third of the entire pizza into 3 whole slices, each of those slices was the same size as the NutriSystem pizza I used to make.

I added the following to the whole 1/3 portion of dough for me worth 4 points total (3 slices or 2 large 1/6 slices):

1 oz. of chicken breast (can add more) for 1 point
a bunch of spinach (since it wilts down) for 0 points
red onion for 0.5 points
mushrooms for 0 points
2 tablespoons of barbecue sauce for 2 points
1/2 c. regular (yes regular!) mozzarella cheese for 4 points

(my version worked out to 3.7 points per slice, but I rounded up)

I just can't even believe each slice was 2 whole points LESS than the NutriSystem slice! What a surprise.  I only ate 2 of the 3 slices too for a whopping, complete dinner worth 8 points.


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