Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NutriSystem Food - Dinner - Italian Herb Flatbread Pizza

Here is the box.

Here are the contents.

How it looks assembled as supplied:

Here it is jazzed up a bit with my lunchtime PowerFuel (chicken), an Extra (BBQ sauce) in place of the pizza sauce they provide, the cheese they provide, and a veggie serving or two of spinach and onions (I usually use red onion, but I was out).  I also usually add mushrooms as well, but I was out of those too.  I call it my BBQ Chicken pizza.

And here it is cooked and placed on a salad plate. 


  1. This so called pizza is crap. It looks nothing like the picture on the box. The picture shows a very thick crust. This crust was like eating a rubber flip flop. Totally tasteless as is most of their so called food. Compare the color of the sauce. The box shows a nice red pizza sauce. What you actually get is a brownish orange paste that squirts out of the bag. This was so bad I had to toss it. Don't waste your time buying their food. The program is a joke.

  2. Actually, the pizza as it comes is probably not good. However, you learn quickly that jazzing it up is the ticket to all of their meals. As you can see above in my post, that is exactly what I did. Have you chosen another route for weight loss?