Friday, September 7, 2012

NutriSystem Food - Shake

This is a NutriSystem Vanilla shake blended up with a cupful of baby spinach.  Surprisingly, you cannot taste the baby spinach at all and it's a great way to work in a serving of the numerous vegetable servings the plan calls for throughout a day.

We are supposed to consume one of the shakes daily according to my plan diary.  I mix the baby spinach in with the chocolate-flavored and strawberry-flavored shakes as well. My meal tracker also has this shake listed for consumption with breakfast, so that is what I do, but you can move it to another time of the day.  

I use a Magic Bullet blender, and this is one of the cups it comes with.  You blend right in the cup.  The Bullet whips it up a bit too so that the consistency is more shake-like.  I don't like the shaker that NutriSystem provided.  It was like drinking a thick drink and was like "Eh."

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