Thursday, September 27, 2012

Derailed for a Minute

Okay, it's been more like a week.  I got myself so worked up about a surgical procedure pre-op, I just didn't focus on my diet.  It didn't help that I'm down to about 23 dinners and 12 desserts and am out of breakfast and lunch entrees.  I did a couple of days of making my own meals for those first two of the day, but found myself stress snacking totally distracted by the upcoming procedure.  Am I a big old baby? Not really.  I was all worked up because I've never had a procedure, I'm a control freak and was having a hard time knowing that I would be unconscious and unable to have input should any problems arise during the procedure, and because the risks associated with anesthesia and obesity...I am, afterall, not up to snuff, and that worried me greatly. 

The good news is I survived and am recovering quickly.  Now if I can just get my sleep schedule turned back around....sleeping during the day seems to keep me up all night. 

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