Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NutriSystem Food - Lunch - Turkey Dog (old plan)

Again, because I wind up with uneven amounts of entrees to round out my days as I go further into each delivery, I go to Big Lots and buy some NutriSystem entrees from their old plan.  They do have some foods that are still on the new plan currently being offered though too.  These hot dogs are not on the new plan.  Again, when Big Lots has a sale, you can score the old entrees for around $0.25 each.  

I know it's the opposite problem from what many face.  While they fight temptation to not double up on some of the treats provided in their 28-day supply of food, I don't.  I wind up starting each day off well, and then get busy, sometimes forgetting the food I even took the time to pack, so I wind up eating the breakfast and lunch entrees mostly without problem and wind up having to make due while out and about as my NutriSystem food awaits me at home. This is my cost-effective solution compared to buying items a' la carte from NutriSystem to round out these days.

Here is a picture of the package first, the contents still wrapped, and then my turkey dog jazzed up with onions, ketchup, and mustard on a single slice of whole wheat bread.  You are allowed to put the dog into a bun, but I don't like to buy 8 buns & only use 1, allowing the rest to go bad.  I improvise a lot.

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