Sunday, January 12, 2014

Whuh? Shocked at "20 Biggest Fitness Myths" Myth #2.

This link to "The 20 Biggest Fitness Myths" came across my Twitter timeline tonight, and I'm shocked at some of these "Myths". In fact, some don't make any sense at all even the way they are worded, but some do make me go hmmmmm.

Myth #2 lists spot training to target fat in one area of your body as a myth.  It reads "No, doing butt-crunches won't get rid of the fat in your rear, and doing sit-ups won't lose the extra flab in your belly. Your body burns fat on an even keel."

I can totally understand the wording in reference to spot training targeting "fat" in the targeted spot.   They fail to point out that spot training works the muscle, which in turn manipulates the appearance of the fat in that spot, i.e. lift the glutes and tone the muscle.  Even when you lift the glutes and tone the muscle, there is always a layer of fat there, no matter your weight.

The entire last sentence makes absolutely no sense, however, as it reads "As you'll see in Myth #1, exercise doesn't really help with weight loss."  (Myth #1 was "Sex is a great workout.)  That seems a very irresponsible statement to make considering that exercise burns calories, even if sex doesn't burn many, and it is all about calories in and calories out. When you take in fewer calories than you put out, you lose weight overall, even during spot training exertion.

Care to discuss?

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