Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fierce Friday DIY Facial Review - 1/31/14

Wellll......I tried this skin-tightening egg white, mashed avocado, and honey recipe for a DIY facial tonight.  It sort of burned my skin, but I left it on for 20 minutes anyway.

Firstly, I don't think the mixture was quite right.  Maybe because I had extra-large eggs, but I didn't have any "liquid" to drain off.  It mixed rather well, but was very runny and not mask-like.  I decided to throw it into my Magic Bullet blender because that tends to add a lot of air and sort of whips what you mix with it.  It did blend it wonderfully and whip it wonderfully, but it was thin and not still not very mask-like.  Next time I try it I will add only one egg white and try it to see if it gets more paste-like.

The burn made me panic a tad, and I had to get into the shower to wash it off.  When I wet it with warm water to rinse it, it just slimed around.  Yes, my skin DOES actually FEEL tighter, but I'm not sure if it's a drying effect yet or not.

I put a tweet out to a Hollywood makeup artist, to see if they had any Feedback on the ingredients.  I'll keep ya posted on this one.  (so far, no extra input)

Update:  2/1/14 (the next day)

I came back to tell ya that while I can't see that my skin appears tighter, my pores are smaller!  Not sure if that's what "tightening" meant or not, but I like the way my skin looks today.  My makeup looks particularly smooth, so I'm voting this a must do again! 

(I couldn't tell much of anything last night after my hot shower, as my mirrors were steamed up! lol)

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