Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's Fraudulent the Way they Label Foods for Servings

I know we're all well aware that Food labeling practices can be questionable, but when they are allowed to say that there are approximately 2 servings per can, it ought to actually be at least ALMOST two servings.  This isn't even close, and it isn't the only product to Fall well below the claim.

The label on this can of tuna says there are about two servings.  It also lists 2 ounces as a single serving size.  Well almost 2 servings would be closer to 4 ounces in my opinion.

This can make calculating points a little tricky.  Tricky equals Frustrating for me.

In actuality, this is more like 1.5 servings per can, as in "Let us throw in a little extra fer ya over your one allotted single serving."  I guess it's kind of like pricing things $X.99, as if we believe $9.99 isn't really $10. 

Here is yet another of my favorite's with a Fraudulent label.  I love this soup, but the can says "About 2" for how many servings are within.  It says that 1 whole cup is a single serving, but when I divide the can into precisely half, each serving is 3/4 cup.  Multiply THAT by 2 and you wind up with 1.5 servings if each serving is a cupful.

So what do I do?  I eat the 3/4 c. serving so I can have it for lunch twice, but I still count it as the full cup for figuring my points because I'm lazy.  See why it's Frustrating?

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