Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Family-Friendly BLT or BLTT for 3 Weight Watchers Points

I fell in love with BLT sandwiches when I was in the Fourth grade.  I'm only just now getting to make them again now that my children, at ages 16, 14, and 8, have decided they are good too.  They get the BLT, as in bacon, lettuce, and toast, and I get the BLTT, as in bacon, lettuce, tomato, and toast.  (I know, that's now how it works, but it's how we refer to them today so those who don't want tomato, don't get tomato.)

I normally don't Fret over brands of certain Food items and their points values.  Being normal is worth an extra point for me here and there. Maybe that will change as my range decreases with weight loss.  We'll see.  For example, a lite or low-fat cheese is only 1 point less than the real deal.  Real bacon is only 1 point per slice and has less cholesterol in it than turkey bacon (weird, isn't it?). And our normal brand of bread is only 1 point per slice, so I stick with it.  I hate being wasteful, and if the items I need to eat will be wasted because the others in my Family won't help out in eating it before it goes bad, then that's being wasteful.

I have, however, Fallen in love with this new brand of Flat bread pockets.  Each pocket is only 1 point.  Therefore, I save a point by going with it over my regular two-slice sandwich bread.  I even toasted it by toasting on light setting and then flipping it over and toasting it again at the same setting.  The middle gets toasted the most, but it works since the pockets are wider than my toaster. All 3 kids gave it a thumbs up, which makes it Family Friendly in my book and a great choice when counting points for me.

One Smart Pocket = 1 Weight Watcher point
2 slices of bacon = 2 Weight Watcher points
1 Tablespoon of low-fat mayo = 0 points
Lettuce = 0 points
Tomato slices = 0 points

Grant Total = Only 3 Weight Watchers points!

If you want to figure the points values for another Weight Watchers system and share it, I'll make note of that for Future readers too.

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