Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Water Wednesday Reminder!!!

Remember to drink an adequate amount of water each and every day.  There have been numerous studies all pointing to the fact that doing so helps people lose weight.

Inadequate water intake has always been my downfall.  I think I started to learn how to go without water when we moved into the boonies.  I just couldn't get past what I referred to as "Fart Water" (aka well water with a Funky smell and taste to a city girl).  In hindsight, I wondered how I survived at all, but my body must have been pulling any and all water out of anything I put into my body enough to keep me here.

Your liver metabolizes fat to convert it to stored energy, but when your kidneys are deprived of water, they don't function normally.  The liver then shifts its focus from its normal functions to picking up the slack for the kidneys, which lowers it's efficiency.  It can't metabolize fat as quickly or efficiently as it can when the kidneys are pulling their own weight in the grand scheme of things.  When you fail to take in an adequate amount of water, you are being unfair to your liver and also happen to be setting yourself up for fat storage.

Water also promotes beauty by flushing impurities out of your system.  Those impurities may have been stored in the fat in your body, as you have put your body into "survival mode."  Survival mode is when your body isn't getting enough of what it needs and it creates stores of it to see you through until it thinks you'll be getting it next.  It just so happens to take some junk with it into storage because that's all you gave it.  Water is said to also combat saggy skin to a degree by plumping up your skin cells.

Some also feel that water helps them feel fuller throughout the day.  (I don't notice this, but some do apparently.)  

Some studies suggest that drinking cold water may speed up your metabolism a spell by the energy needed for the body to bring it to body temperature.

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