Friday, September 13, 2013

Fierce Friday - Have you Forgotten How to be Fierce?

F Words:  Femininity, Forgotten, Family, Fierce, Friday, Fun, and First

Admit it! You forgot how to be Feminine and Fierce!  Whether it was due to sacrificing hip clothes for yourself so your Family could have or giving up your manicures/pedicures/nice nails, hair and makeup, you need to get your groove back NOW!  Put yourself First for a change!

A misconception by outsiders looking in is that we've let ourselves go.  We have, but not in the way they are thinking.  We didn't just sit down and get Fat and lazy.  We sacrificed so much of ourselves for others -- TOO much in most cases.

It's time to remind yourself who you are.  Each Friday, when the wear and tear of the week is over, we need to do something nice for ourselves.  Put on your makeup and do  your hair, even if you have nowhere to go!  We need to remind ourselves we are Feminine women and men need to find their inner Fierceness too!

T-shirts and sweat pants won't do the trick, but since that's all I wear in my current state, I'm starting small.  I refuse to buy clothes that I don't plan to be wearing long, simple as that.  But a Feminine set of jammies might be nice.  No reason we can't Feel like a rock star when turning in for the night.  It's on my to do list. ;)

For today's Fierce Friday, I have chosen a self-pedi.  You'd be amazed at all the nail art videos you can find on You Tube.  My daughter and I have had some nail Fun.

The nails don't make me feel Fierce per se, but I haven't painted my nails in a very long time. I like girly toes! These nails do make me Feel like my Feet are Fierce though.

What are some things you plan to do to find your Femininity again or to feel Fierce?

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