Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gyro Sandwich on a Diet!? Yaaaaaaaaasssssssss!

I love me a gyro sandwich.  Until I tried NutriSystem, I thought that it was something I should avoid.

On NutriSystem, thanks to the NS community, I found a recipe on their site on how to turn the rehydrated beef patty into a mock gyro.  I really liked it, and that was my go-to idea for the beef patties, but it was time consuming to make the mock-Tzatziki sauce.

Fast forward to now.....I went to my local Gordon's Food Service and found they had a bulk package of gyro meet.  I could see that the serving size was 4 slices and figured it may work.  I bought it, figured out my points (only 5 points for 4 slices) and prepackaged it in serving sizes to freeze.  Grab & go is what I need to be successful.  The NutriSystem flame-broiled beef patty was 2 points, so this is only 3 points more for me.

Just like with NutriSystem, I put it into a whole wheat pita bread half and stuffed it full of lettuce, onions, and tomato for 1 point.  Instead of making the Tzatziki sauce myself, I had come across a Tzatziki spread at my grocery store.  I bought that and figured out my points....only 1 point per tablespoon!

All of the items in the picture below are only 3 points for me (2 for 2 tablespoons for Tzatziki sauce and 1 for the pita bread). 

Here is my gyro lunch for only 8 points

Does this help you have a gyro too?

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