Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lost Day #1

F Words:  Frizz,  Foils, Forfeit, and Four

Well, today was a bad day.  I didn't go crazy, and I may even be under my points range, but I know when this happens, the weight doesn't budge.

I had a hair appointment today.  For a lot of people this is no big deal, but alas I'm different. 

I woke and had my 2-point oatmeal.  I laid out some meat on the counter for my lunch later in the day.  My appointment was at 1 p.m.  I PLANNED to eat at noon, but then I got to messing with my hair while getting ready. 

I hadn't realized how long my curly, curly hair had gotten until I was trying to drag the brush through it to blow it out.  I had been wearing it up all summer long. 

I was sweating like crazy with the heat focused on my head (menopause).  I don't dare use a blow dryer like that in summer month's.  I grabbed the rotating blow-drying brush and hit it with the additional blow dryer to speed things up, but my hair kept getting tangled, and I had to keep taking breaks with even more heat added.  Then it started thunder storming.  Sigh.  What happens to my hair with moisture in the air, even a single drop of rain? Fah-rizz! It quickly turned into a wrestling match I never win.  I should have just Forfeited and ran it up into a pony or a clip, but I kept trying. 

You see, when you pay as much as I do to have your hair Foil highlighted with two colors, it's best to go in with straightened hair.  Otherwise, the beautician can't get very close to my scalp.  I don't like to walk out of there with a few weeks of root growth showing for that price, so to help her out, I try to smooth my hair and get it untangled.

We both had a good laugh, as it was a bit Frizzy when I left the house, but 20 minutes later at her salon, I looked like I had stuck my Finger in a light socket.

Anyway, I didn't get to eat my lunch before I left.   When I got home 3 hours later, I took a nap on the couch having only gotten 2 hours of sleep last night (just couldn't sleep). 

My husband made some oven-baked thin pizzas.  I had 4 whole pieces.  I had 27 points left for the whole day, and here we were at dinner!  I could have eaten what I had planned to for lunch, but to cook and still not hit my points?  I Figured I might as well just enjoy the pizza.  If I remember correctly, each piece was around 3 points, so I still didn't hit my points for the day, and I would not have even if each was worth 5 points.  Didn't get in my water either.

Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day with no appointments for anybody.  One lost day doesn't mean throw in the towel for another and another.  It means it's simply a single lost day!

Do you use your lost day as a reason to lose a few more or do you rectify it immediately?

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