Monday, January 25, 2016

Tilapia Tostadas with Roasted Corn Relish - 5 Weight Watchers Points each

I know, I know--Fish!?  No, we aren't big Fish Fans here, but these were delicious, so any time I hit upon a great-tasting fish recipe, I HAVE to share it.

Again, this is a recipe from my new book:

So, again, I will link you to the online version to save time here.

I had ready-made tostada shells already and used those instead.  It saves the extra step of having to broil your own.

This was a hit with 3 out of the 5 of us, as two just outright refused to even give it a try, but Mr. F and my eldest loved it.  Even I loved it, and I Force myself to eat Fish.  It really tasted like and Felt like a taco salad, as I used a fork to break up my tostadas to eat it with that fork.  The Fixings fall off a lot when picking up to eat the whole round, but to each his own!

Each tostada is only 5 Weight Watchers points for me.  They clock in at 470 calories, and it says that the addition of 15 light-baked tortilla chips (a little less than an ounce) adds on 155 calories, so knock yourself out if you have the points available!

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