Friday, January 22, 2016

Tex-Mex Calzones for 9 Weight Watchers Points

I made these calzones last night, and they were a hit.  Mr. F loved, loved, loved them so he had two.  I received the below book for Christmas (bought by myself for myself while holiday shopping).  As you can see, you can choose meals for the entire day from it, including snacks, and the whole day adds up to under 1500 calories total. 

This particular calzone recipe comes out to 416 calories, and the rest of the nutritional information can be found here, as can the recipe.  I won't type it all up here, as I'm trying to save time these days for better weight-loss success meaning less time spent online.

The black bean salad, also pictured, is included on this recipe link as well clocking in at only 85 calories per serving.

This meal, as pictured (both the calzone and black bean salad), comes out to 10 points for me. 

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