Saturday, January 23, 2016

BLT Salad for 7 Weight Watchers Points

This was a very satisfying and Filling salad.  It's sort-of a deconstructed BLT.  I have very large salad bowls, and each serving filled 'er right up.  You can also add a bit of chicken to it to make it more of a meal salad. Each 1-ounce serving of chicken breast adds only 1 point. My book, however, says a whole 4-1/2-oz. serving of chicken breast without the skin is 3 points, but that is probably a lot of chicken to add to this salad. Basically, while the salad without chicken included is 7 points, feel free to add some for up to 10 points total (4-1/2 oz. of chicken).

Making the croutons is pretty easy.  I used to make croutons in a restaurant back in high school, but there was a lot of oil and seasoning involved.  This method recommends spraying the bread pieces with an oven spray oil in between tossing the croutons on the baking sheet.  I also added a bit of garlic powder to mine.  Keep in mind that croutons go quickly at a certain point so you need to keep a close eye on them toward the end.  I remember it being the kitchen staff joke back in the restaurant...all of a sudden you'd hear someone yell out "The croutons!" and see them running back toward the pizza oven where they were baking, including myself.  We'd walk away thinking I'll just do this real quick and that was that--time to start over.  

Again, I found this recipe online, although it was in a book I have, so I'm sharing a link to the details for both of us.  Mostly, to save me time to Focus on my weight loss more.

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