Thursday, March 6, 2014

F Words Today: Failed at Freestyle February

Signing in a little disappointed today.  February didn't turn out so well for me for the most part.  I got sick of tracking points and decided to take a stab at following a more NutriSystem-style approach.  I ate a lot of smaller snack-style bits of foods.  For example, I measured my servings and kept each down to no more than a cupful. I ate much of the same meals I did on their plan, although I paid no attention to the "glycemic index" that they do.  

I also drank a lot of the Tea & Honey drinks (sick of plain water) with the artificial sweetener in it, which most weight loss plans recommend because it's low in calories.  I've heard that it can make you hungrier or crave sugar, and boy did I ever on both fronts.  I was hungrier than I've ever felt before, and I usually don't get hungry, not even when eating once a day.  Despite feeling like I did well, I only lost 3 pounds for the whole month.

I didn't weigh myself daily or even weekly.  I usually weigh-in in the mornings prior to eating and showering (because wet hair HAS to weigh more than dry hair), but it was just so darned cold I avoided heading into the basement to weigh in on the doctor's scale I have down there.  Perhaps I could've been alerted sooner that something was off or my Freelancing was working out so well had I just done it.

I also didn't blog because I moved my laptop back downstairs into my office that I've been avoiding due to the extreme cold.  This meant not even the computer tempted me to go down there.

Anyway, I'm back to tracking my food and hope to see at least a 10-pound loss for the month of March.  I'm back to biting the bullet, with shivering teeth, to weigh in each day.

How are you faring this harsh winter?

I updated this post....I changed Freelance to Freestyle.   That's what happens when you blog when tired I guess. lol

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