Thursday, March 13, 2014

Face the Flub Up Quick - Sleep issue

I found the above picture while reading about alternative and natural remedies for hot flashes.  The photo was in an article regarding acupuncture here.

It's been about two weeks now that my sleep has been out of whack.  I think it's due to the temperature change outdoors that has made my hot Flashes magnify.  If it's colder inside my house, then I'm thinking they aren't as apparent, but boy are they back right now at Full Force.

Last night I actually took an ice pack to bed.  It was 5:30 a.m. the last time I looked at the clock.  The simple act of touching the ice pack can lessen the duration and head off a Flash when I'm out and about, like at the dentist or the chiropractor, and this is great because a Flash is actually humiliating in public where I suddenly become a sweaty hog and the doctor needs to touch me. Sigh. It was difficult to ignore the icy feeling on the top of my head, on my belly, or on my back, however, in order to fall asleep.  I slept my morning away and didn't wake up until the afternoon.

This has been progressing slowly to the point my nights and days are switched up again.  When this happens, I don't eat breakfast or lunch, as I'm only up for dinner with the rest of the Family.  Not good for dieting.  Then, after they're all asleep, I don't cook, I snack to keep from making a ton of noise in the kitchen. (My master bedroom is off the kitchen.)

I'm going to take some NyQuil tonight to see if that helps me fall asleep earlier so I can be up during the day like the rest of the world. That stuff knocks me out when I have a crazy cough.  I hate medications, so I don't advocate this approach, nor do I advocate developing a dependency on something.  This is merely desperation and a possible quick Fix.  Trust that I hate taking that stuff enough that I do what I call the "Icky dance" when I do take it, so bottom's up!

This is Freakin' Frustrating.

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