Friday, March 21, 2014

My Review of Kathy Smith's Secrets of a Great Body Upper Body Workout

I need to clarify that while Kathy has been around for decades, I am offering a review from the view of a 44-year-old Fat woman today.

I Find that many workout videos are overly-challenging for the bigger amongst us in that they aren't taking into consideration our bellies and the state of our endurance or strength.  Either that, or I'm just a wimp, but the thing is, if there were more encouraging workouts out there for Fat Folks, Fewer of us would throw in that towel, so to speak.

Having explained where I'm coming from, and having dug out my old VHS collection of Fitness tapes (Thank God I still have a working VHS player! Knock-knock.), I revisited Kathy and this particular workout today.

I have to rate this a 9 out of 10, with 10 being the highest.

Very minimal "equipment" was required, save a few household items, as shown below.  The towel is for a stretch, the cushion to lie upon for a Few moves, and the chair to sit upon and lean upon.  The hand weights are all you would need to buy if you don't have any.

It was easy for me to do all of the exercises she shares in this video.  (I only had to modify the crunch section due to my lower back.)

I could do all of the reps for all exercises except for the push ups.  I made it through all 12 of the first set of push ups, but only 3 of the second set.  You can see improvement in the number you can do with each subsequent run through as your strength increases.

She very clearly explains each and every exercise stressing you to Focus on the muscle group being targeted.

Great pace and around half an hour long.

YOU get to choose how much weight you wish to use and therefore get to determine that awful level of soreness that stops many in their tracks.  I like to build up strength slowly with a small burn when first starting any routine versus going all out and being unable to move for days.

I used 2- and 3-pound hand weights and still felt a burn.  Heck, my arms burned after her arm warm-up with the weight of my own arms.  lol

There were only two exercises I Found myself wishing she had explained a modification for.  They were both exercises that required you to sit as shown in the image below--with your chest in your lap.  The problem for us Fat Folks is that our bellies don't allow for that.  I just bent as much as I could with my legs not together as they do in the video (spread 'em) and tried to maintain my Focus on the muscles being worked.  That being a complaint, I still did it with this big ol' belly, and I bet you can too.

No offense meant to Kathy by asking earlier "Do you remember Kathy?" because she is still apparently active in the industry, and it's my bad that I didn't know that.

If you are interested in this workout, here you go via this link for a 26% off sale at $9.49 for a 3-DVD set (I paid way more than that for each VHS tape I have back in the '90s!).

I'll do and review the lower body workout tomorrow, but I know nothing about the third DVD they offer in this set shown at the link provided above.

I am in no way affiliated with Kathy Smith or the company link I provided for the cheapest price I could find.  I'm just offering an honest opinion of my personal experience from the perspective of a Fat girl in her Forties! ;)

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