Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tomorrow is a New Day

Soooo, I spent the last couple days Forcing myself to accept the Fact that I won't be losing 6 pounds a week doing my Weight Watchers plan in my 40s like I did in my 20s when Mr. F walks in the door with a movie and candy treats for all last night.  He is a huge movie buff and supposedly Forgot that I'm not eating junk.

Well, since I had reached my Weight Watchers points for the day at that point, I took a bite of one of the Heath bars that came in this king size package and told him to hide the rest for another bite another day or some when points allowed.  See, in my mind, I know I have a WW recipe for toffee that I've made in the past and I Figured one bite wouldn't hurt.  Only that weakened me instead.  I held out for most of the time it took everyone else to eat their sweet treats, and then I caved. Ate the whole package of two bars.

I had been losing anywhere from 0 to 0.25 pounds a day....then this morning I get on the scale expecting to see either no change or a fraction of a gain, having weighed myself yesterday, and low and behold, a whole 0.75 pounds are gone.  How that happened, I have no idea, but if I try that again and the results are the same again, I may not ignore that and do it more often. lol

Today, the kids had no school and an orthodontics appointment 1.5 hours away, so I drank a green smoothie for breakfast and grabbed a packet of instant oatmeal to eat at my mom's house after the appointment for lunch. I planned a trip to the meat market out by her house where I can stock my Freezer with meats for 6 months on the cheap, so cooler in the back of the car Filled, I headed to her house. .

When I got to my mom's, only my dad was there.  We visited for a Few and then drove to see my mom at work where she always has leftover donuts waiting for the kids.  I didn't eat that oatmeal, as I wasn't hungry and therefore didn't even think about it until I saw it slide across the dashboard on a turn during the trip home.  My mom tried to send that massive box of donuts home with my kids and called me a meanie for not allowing it.  I am not their Favorite person right now.

I ate a couple of beef jerky sticks on the way home, had a bite of a FlatOut Pepperoni Pizza the hubs made for everyone, 3 ounces of leftover pork tenderloin, and drank some pop and then separated and packaged up 40 pounds of chicken breasts, ground sirloin, and bacon with my FoodSaver.  There is more, but nothing else required separating before Freezing. Not sure where that leaves me today. Doesn't sound so bad when I type it, but I literally have no idea what calories or points was in what I did eat today. It happens, but I won't let it derail me.  A bad day is just a bad day and tomorrow is always a new day.

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