Monday, March 2, 2015

First Weight-In of March 2015

I had Mr. F take some before photos of me in regular clothes.  See this shirt? It's the shirt that I want to make look Freakin' sexy.  That's right....make a T-shirt sexy. lol

The shorts are maternity shorts that I wore when pregnant with my now 17-year-old. Yikes. The belly size is about right though.

So here I am, in all my Freakin' glory. I didn't even bother to do my hair or makeup for these photos.  I don't recognize myself. I don't want to be recognized. I hide. I never go out. I never buy myself clothes. I don't hate myself. I actually like myself. I just don't like the body "me" is living in.

I weighed myself in January at 235.75 pounds. I began, in earnest, my dieting after some organization that I knew would get in my way and derail me on February 9 at 233.5 pounds.  Today, I weigh 228.75 pounds, so I am 7 pounds down in these photos. I find it strange that I seem to have lost more weight with minimal effort before I began on my "start" date though. At any rate.... F-O-R-W-A-R-D!

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