Monday, March 9, 2015

Started March off with a Bang

So my mother-in-law is in the hospital. They don't know what is wrong with her and are still trying to Figure it out. They are moving her to another hospital even Further away today, but that means Fewer visits by Mr. F. who has been running around to different counties, cities, and even states for work.

I have taken up meal skipping again during this busy time and am starting back to a calmer day today. However, I have to confess what I just did.  I ran out to the car to move the Easter goodies from the car to the storage room in the basement while the kids are away and I just grabbed a chocolate-peanut-butter egg like it was nothing.  I have to get back into the consciousness required to eating an actual meal. That egg has a points value and that egg has a caloric content.  I will just have to adjust my day to accommodate that. DH is going to be given the key to the storage room just in case I'm tempted Further. How do you plan on handling the Easter candy temptations?

I Feel it is important, however, to share with those of you counting points values that it has been my experience that even when counting up your points to hit your range that includes crap/junk items, it affects the level of success you will have for the week.  Yes, you met your points goal and stayed within your range, and you may even still lose some weight, but it will be less than had you not eaten the crap!

I have to say that despite having a bad week with plans to start today off right, it is because I look at each day as a new day that I was able to view this morning's mishap with the Easter candy as the bad MOMENT of today and not add it onto the past week. It ends when we end it!

As an aside, I tried out the new Firefox video chat Feature and put the link to a private chat on Twitter for anybody who may have wanted to talk motivation, inspiration, tips, etc. (which rendered it public, duh).  First off, let me say, "My Bad." because the only person to take that invite was a mentally ill person who has probably been sexually abused throughout his entire childhood come on with penis in hand ready to star in his own show. I called the police. I can't believe THIS is what my children will face on the internet at any point in their lives, even when they are adults.  Once I realized my own error, however, I had a good lesson to share with them, so all was not lost. So, for your information, just remember that setting up chats requires a private invite to people you recognize. Even then, there are no guarantees, but it's a step in the safety direction. So, if you are Feeling like you need a little verbal support, as I do on occasion, hit me up on the Facebook page or a private Twitter message and we can do it.

I got a good laugh last night when I logged onto my Facebook page to see a Nairobi man dropped me his digits with his relationship status as single. lmbo Still laughing. I guess I found it so Funny because of the picture to which he attached his message....the Before picture found in this post in profile only....with the horrid hair....without makeup....with the huge muffin top.  Mr. F. says, "Great, now you've become a Chubby Chaser magnet."  Are you all who have made your journey public experiencing that on a regular basis? I'm not so sure I'm cut out for the internet, but it is helping me Feel more accountability than without it, so, at least for now, I will stick with it.

I still have 3 weeks to "hit it outta the park" as I typed up on March 1! One bad week is all bad week. A bad day only lasts as long as you allow it to!

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