Thursday, January 22, 2015

Freakin' Hypocrites Drive Me Freakin' Crazy

So, I'm just trolling through my Facebook newsfeed to encounter a picture of candy with a ranting caption designed to insult the intelligence of another human being for giving their child a little ol' box of candy.  Either that or designed as self-reassurance of self-perfection. 

That's not the problem, either way, although I find that harsh and unreasonable or naive when sending one's child to a public school and out and about in, ya know, the real world.  Even worse was watching the responses she had to those who Feel like me--not a big deal.

The real issue is two posts later, there's a video, and in this video is talk about what happens when there is no meal plan--of making, you know, bad food choices and eating fast food. Um, yeah, out of her own mouth.

Need I say more?

I just can't stand hypocrites. After reading her comment of "You must not follow my blog." to one reader who Felt it was not that big of a deal, I had to Force myself to resist the overwhelming urge to write, "Good thing or she might have watched your video wherein you discuss making bad food choices and eating fast food." Because, honestly, the "You must not follow my blog." translation is, "I'm all about health and healthy eating and NOTHING else. YOU'RE obviously not because anything in moderation is okay with you. Slacker parent!" lol

Anyway....Hypocrites....just....ugh. My biggest pet peeve.

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