Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I got sick.  Some sort of upper respiratory deal that started in my head and is ending in my chest.  It was the deepest, strongest cough I've ever had.  Doctor said it can last sometimes for 6 weeks.  I'm at the tail end of it now. 

The "deep" adjective I chose is the best I can describe it because the lung junk wasn't moving, but my body was digging deep down to try to force it to, and so much so that it would trigger my gag reflex causing me to vomit if anything "light" or too much water was in my tummy.  Therefore, I ate once a day and cut back on my water, but I chose heavy, not-so-great things to eat and pop to get rid of the icky taste in my mouth. 

I haven't been on the scale since the last weigh in but am starting to get back on the right eating track.  Oatmeal for breakfast today! I'll check back in on Monday for my regularly scheduled weigh in.

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