Sunday, August 5, 2012

Moving Ahead Despite Lack of Blogging Knowledge.

Sooo, anyway, I've been on NutriSystem since the end of April and have lost 22 pounds.  I haven't been religious with it, as I find myself getting tired of the shelf-stable food.  Anybody else?

I decided to jump on the NutriSystem wagon after analyzing my situation carefully.  Two major things that were sure to derail any honest attempts to lose weight on my own this summer were sure to be the demands made on my time with kids out of school and the gargantuan organizational project facing me after finishing the basement (everything was thrown into the garage by my unorganized husband).

When I saw they were having a 40% off event, I got to I wait until everything is "just so" to best enable a success versus 3 pounds down here or there, or try this out WHILE I struggled through this summer and potentially lose even a few extra?

I don't like pre-packaged or frozen entrees, but I thought, maybe, just maybe, having everything laid out for me, almost like an itinerary, I could lose 10 in the process.  While I don't like pre-packaged or frozen entrees, I decided that spending a couple hundred per month was a good incentive to stick with their plan and I stood a better chance of losing more with NutriSystem than when left to my own defenses. (Note:  I thought being on NutriSystem meant I would not have to meal plan and less food prep, but that turned out to not be the case.)

Looks like my self-assessment of the "situation" has been right on for me to a benefit, aka an actual accomplishment.  Summer isn't over, but 22 pounds down with all I feel I have endured this summer is definitely something to celebrate, and I have yet to jump off that proverbial bridge as I've shared probably way too often this summer.

This post leads me straight into the next one.....What is it that is REALLY holding you back?

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